Ms. Shupikai Maritinyu


The Bishopslea remedial section is overseen by Ms. Shupi Maritinyu. This specialized department comprises of two classrooms: one dedicated to infants, and the other to students in grades 3 to 7.
Ms. Maritinyu actively engages with the pupils, who come from their respective classes to the designated remedial classrooms. The range of tuition provided varies from personalized one-on-one sessions to small group classes with a maximum of 10 pupils per session.

• Students facing challenges in English (reading, writing and communication skills) and Mathematics are identified by their class teachers and subsequently referred for remedial support. The primary goal of this intervention is to aid students in overcoming their learning difficulties.
•  Once a student has successfully grasped a concept, there is no further need for ongoing assistance. This approach ensures that pupils receive tailored support and are equipped with the necessary skills to excel academically.