Newsletter 24 January
24 Jan 2020


21 January 2020

Dear Parents

A wet welcome to the vibrant body of Bishopslea family. To the new and old parents, we are in this together and we look forward in making this school the best it can be. We enter the new decade with confidence despite the fuel queues (when available), the blackouts (which are now more than common place), the multi than mono than chaos currency situations . This confidence stems from your unwavering support and responsiveness to communications. I highlight that clarity can always be sought from the school office on any issue relating to the school.

Finding the balance between sustainability of the school (the school that you signed up for in good and bad times) , correlation with your pockets and retention of the staff has been a tough balancing act for the Board. The income tax tables that do not reflect the real minimum wages or correlate with hyperinflation do not help the situation for our staff and am sure for you the parent body. The dreaded stagflation is before us being characterised by stagnant or lagging salaries, constrained business operations and overhead pressures (utilities, rent, transport and medical) do take a toll on cash flows , disposal incomes and ultimately the bottom line. However, we must ensure that we are responsive to the needs of the school in a responsible manner.

As a board, we remain stubbornly focused on creating the ideal atmosphere ie enabling environment, not just for today but for tomorrow, to enable our products to be relevant locally, regionally and internationally.

Yours sincerely

R C D Chitengu