Newsletter 7 August
07 Aug 2020

Dear Parents

After a week of your children being on break you may be looking for ideas to keep them occupied.

First and foremost, there is the huge importance of reading for pleasure.

As sourcing actual books is difficult in the current circumstances, books can either be bought online and downloaded onto tablets etc., or be downloaded for free from the Apple Book Store or similar.  It does take a bit of searching to find the Free Books sections and go through all the books to find suitable and age appropriate books, but it is worth it.

Reading for pleasure does mean that a book started does not need to be finished if the reader is not enjoying the story.  It is preferable to start another book that may be more interesting and enjoyable.

Anything read, including comics, annuals etc., if preferred by a child, rather than watched is a bonus, However, the reading of an actual story is always the best option.

Younger children need to have stories read to them in order to foster an interest in written stories that, hopefully, will encourage them to read for themselves when they are able.

Bonds and tables are hugely important to arithmetic ability, irrespective of age.

Board games using dice are not only fun for all but a great way to practice bonds and tables.  When playing snakes and ladders, for example, two dice can be used with either the child adding the numbers on the two dice and moving the counter accordingly or subtracting the smaller number from the larger depending on how the game is agreed to be played.

Two dice can also be used to practice multiplication by multiplying the one number by the other and keeping a score to determine the winner.

A pack of cards is also a great way to practice bonds and tables. One game has each player dealt or picking two cards, which are then added, subtracted or multiplied depending on the game being played. If the player gets the answer right, they can pick another card. The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.

Many other games can be googled.

There are also a number of computer games to practice bonds and tables that can be downloaded and played individually if there is no one to play a board game with.

We once again wish you all a safe, relaxing and happy holiday.

Yours sincerely

R J Crook