Newsletter 18 November

Thursday, 18 November, 2021

Dear Parents
School was very colourful today as we had a Civvies Day for our worker’s Christmas hampers.  Our thanks go to all who donated towards this.

Next week we will be swimming races for the annual swimming trophies.  These will be split by Grades to conform to safety protocols.  As we cannot have spectators, we will ‘live-stream’ the races so that parents can watch them. 

Grade 7 will swim on Monday, 22nd November, from 10:30am to 12:30pm.  Grade 5 and 6 will swim on Tuesday, 23rd November, from 10:30am to 12:30pm.  Grade 3 and 4 will swim on Wednesday 24th November, from 10:30am to 12:30am.  The links to view the races will be forwarded by SMS to all parents.

Trophies and certificates will be presented at three special, socially distanced, assemblies during the week of 6th – 10th December.  These will be ‘live-streamed’ as well for parents to watch.

Please be reminded that school will be closed for deep cleaning and sanitizing tomorrow.

Infant Certificates
2B Hafsa Moosa, Palesa Msipa, Alissa Zishiri
2H Anotidaishe Kasumba, Christiane Makuni, Annika Chadzamira

Merit & Effort Badges
3H Merit: Gabriella Mwakutuya  Effort: Amara Mangori
3O Merit: Yuxi Fang  Effort: Liyana Kara
3C Effort: Alexis Chigumbura
4C Merit: Ruth Maposa  Effort: Danai Makwarimba, Thokozile Msipha, Camille Mhiko
4T Merit: Aimee Chigumba, Tawana Maunganidze  Effort: Jeanette Chikomo, Munopashe Nyamudahondo
4S Merit: Kiyana Patel
5C Merit: Chantelle Pasques
6H Merit: Amani Dengwani, Aisha Materia  Effort: Sasha Katurura, Tanaka Mudede

Class Captain & Vice Captain
3O Captain: Sarah Mpofu  Vice Captain: Hannah Dinha
4C Captain: Anenyasha Nebarwe  Vice Captain: Aara Abulla
4T Captain: Tanzwika Mazike  Vice Captain: Zoe Karoro
6H Captain: Ropafadzo Mushure  Vice Captain: Celeste Langeveldt

Yours sincerely

R J Crook