Payment Options

Full fee payment – parents are given up to the second Wednesday of term to pay fees in full. Payments after this date will incur a $100 administration fee.

NMB Payment - The Parent will pay a deposit of 30% of the school fees value into the Bank and the Bank will provide a loan of up to a maximum of 70% of the value of school fees payable for each academic term. The Bank will pay 100% of school fees to Bishopslea. These amounts are due and payable in 3 equal instalments of principal and interest on a monthly basis, by the last business day of each month during the academic term. The loans will attract interest at a rate of 1.83% per month. - for more information please download the NMB Loan Facility Fees

Split payment through school scheme. Payment should be made in two payments – first payment at beginning of term and second payment at half term.  Acknowledgement of Debt form to be completed and returned to school office at beginning of term. Split payments will be charged an additional $100 administration fee.