Miss Pam Kudita
Mrs. Theodora Chirara


Ms Pam Kudita, who teaches Shona from Grade 3 to Grade 7, heads the Shona department.  Mrs Chirara teaches the infants – Early Childhood Development (ECD), Grade 1 and Grade 2.  Mrs Chirara also helps with Grades 3 to 7.

  • Shona for ECD is mostly games and songs but pupils are also taught basic Shona greetings, e.g. mangwanani - good morning, masikati -good afternoon, and manheru - good evening. 
  • Grade 2 pupils are also taught more advanced greetings, for example “mhoroi” - hello, how are you, good night, etc.  They learn everyday vocabulary words but sentences are avoided at this early stage. 
  • We have also introduced the learning of Shona through music.  An outside teacher comes especially for this and she uses the guitar and music to teach Shona. The pupils from ECD to Grade 2 get a lesson each week where they thoroughly enjoy the fun and excitement of these sessions.
  • Serious Shona work starts from Grade 3 to Grade 7.  The pupils get a lot of vocabulary and they also start constructing sentences.
  • Exams start in Grade 3.   Shona marks go on their mid-year and end-of-year reports. 
  • We have also introduced “SHONA WORD A DAY”.  The pupils get a Shona word each day as part of their homework and get tested in an inter-house Shona word a day test every term.  Every pupil in the school is tested on the same words. The Grade 3’s are very competitive and some of them do better than the higher grades.
  • Our cultural evening is the highlight of the year.  Every first term the Grade 6 classes get to perform on stage.  This is mainly in Shona.  The cultural evening is a lot of fun and is well supported by the parents.