Newsletter 10 June

Friday, 10 June, 2022

Dear Parents,


The PTA are looking forward to having some functions starting off this term We would hereby like to welcome you all and inform you of the following important dates and events.

1) CAKE SALE -  Thursday 16th June 2022
We will be having a cake sale on the above date which will coincide with Book Day, when there will also be books for sale. We kindly ask each child in the following classes to please provide a plate of eats (cup cakes, doughnuts, samosas, popcorn or any baked goods) which will be sold on the lawn area in front of reception from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

GRADE 1, GRADE 3 and GRADE 7 classes

Please kindly drop off your eats in a labelled plate or disposable container in the reception area by 8 AM on the 16th June 2022

The date for the next cake sale for the term will be advised – all other classes will be asked then to provide a plate of eats

2) MOVIE NIGHT – Friday 22nd July 2022
This is a fun filled evening for the Bishopslea Parents and families where a movie will be screened on the school grounds and food and beverages will be on sale.
Tickets for the movie will be on sale in front of the school office area from the 11th July from 12-1:30 pm every week day

A raffle will be drawn on Movie Night as a way of raising funds for the PTA. We are kindly asking for donations to make up a few raffle hampers. Please kindly pledge forward your donations to any of the contacts below or at the school office. Once prizes are finalised tickets will be available for sale with the above movie night tickets

A final request for any helpers that would like to assist the PTA selling movie and raffle tickets, assisting on the cake sale days or in any other way possible. Please kindly contact any of the following members
Evonne Boka 0775 862 342
Alpa Chouhan 0772 370 662
Tasleem Noormohamed 0772 666 786
Esnath Dzonga 0772 819 640
Mariam Sirdar 0775 713 812

We thank you for your continued support and hope to have a successful term

Many Thanks