Newsletter 17 February

Thursday, 17 February, 2022

Dear Parents
School was very colourful today with all our pupils wearing something orange in support of KidzCan.  The donations for this worthy cause are greatly appreciated.

Our first week of afternoon activities has gone very well with everyone settling back into the routine and enjoying doing activities together.

As school ends at 1:00pm and activities begin at 1:40pm, there is very limited time for lunch to be eaten.  To ensure that pupils do eat during the allocated time, pupils are to bring their packed lunches with them when they come to school in the mornings, and not have lunches delivered at lunch time. Please note that fizzy drinks and sweets are not allowed in school.

School will be closed tomorrow for our scheduled, routine deep cleaning and sanitizing.  Weather permitting, we will also be filling in the potholes outside the entrance to the school as vehicles avoiding the potholes are causing extreme danger to those entering the school.

We have also contacted City of Harare as the traffic lights on Bishop Gaul and Princes Ave are not currently connected to the school’s power supply and generator.  They have informed us that they will send an engineer to rectify the issue so that when there is a power cut, we can ensure the traffic lights are working during peak school dropping off and collection times.

School will reopen on Tuesday 22nd February.

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Youth Day weekend.

Merit & Effort Badges
3F Merit: Aleenah Mahomed, Karen Chiota  Effort: Zara Karoro
3Ma Merit: Tadiwanashe Hofisi, Dile Mushayakarara, Asmaa Patel
3Me Merit: Nicole Madho
4C Merit: Ropafadzo Marowa, Chidowashe Mawema  Effort: Aneni Jonga
4S Merit: Dylan Mataruse
4D Merit: Nathania Dube, Yuxi Fang  Effort: Maliha Masters
5B Merit: Tahlia Chaparadza
5M Merit: Tanzwika Mazike  Effort: Jeanette Chikomo
5W Merit: Priyanshi Gupta, AiXin Wen  Effort: Aiyannah Darrell

Captain & Vice Captain
4C Captain: Michelle Chiguvare  Vice Captain: Fadzaishe Chipurura
5M Captain: Ngavongweishe Vudzijena  Vice Captain: Munopashe Nyamudahondo
5W Captain: Mutsawashe Bwanya  Vice Captain: Thokozile Msipha

Yours sincerely

R J Crook