Newsletter 26 November

Friday, 26 November, 2021

Dear Parents
What an amazing day we have had.  After weeks of practising and rehearsing, our choirs and classes were videoed singing their carols for the Annual Carol Concert, which will be available for parents as soon as it has been edited.

Our pupils sang beautifully and the Carol Concert video should be very special indeed.  Our congratulations go to all our pupils and to Mrs Bosha for this special Christmas treat that I will definitely be listening to at home on Christmas Day.

We were also able to swim our Inter-House swimming races this week, spread over three days.  The events were very exciting even though there were no parent spectators. The races were all live-streamed for parents to watch on-line.

We wish our Grade 7’s all the best for their Grade 7 ZIMSEC exams that they will be writing for two weeks as from Monday. They have all been working hard on their CALA projects and are well prepared for the exams.

We will be holding two special assemblies during the week of 6th to 10th December at which Grades 3 and 4 and then Grade 5 and 6 end of year awards will be presented.   These will be live-streamed for parents to watch as well.

The Grade 7 end of year awards will be presented at a special assembly on Saturday 11th December, on which day the Grade 7 end of year celebrations will be held.

Please note that the official end of year remains the 17th December.  Physical school for our pupils will end on the Friday 10th December with distance learning being offered for the final week of 13th to 17th December.  This will allow us time to prepare the school to the expected standards for the start of term, beginning the week of 10th January, and allow our workers and staff a Christmas shutdown, which they all truly deserve.

Christmas Appeal
Christmas is nearly upon us and as most of you are aware it has become a tradition at Bishopslea School to collect toys, clothes etc for disadvantaged children.  This year we have identified the Harare Children’s Home to be the recipient of these gifts.  The children range from babies to teenagers.

E.C.D. to Grade 5 are asked to bring clothes, toys and books, which your children no longer have a need for.  Out of respect for these children we would ask that the clothes, toys and books are clean and in good condition.  Books with missing pages would be such a disappointment to any child.

Grades 6 and 7 are asked to bring toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, face cloths etc.

Your wrapping the gifts and labelling them, stating whether for a boy or girl and the appropriate age, would be most appreciated.

Infant Certificates
2B Nashetadiwa Mauchi, Hiba Patel, Ruvheneko Churu
2H Candice Tandi, Zara Karoro, Saffiya Adam

Merit & Effort Badges
3H Merit: Tadanaishe Kereke  Effort: Leandra Mutambikwa
3O Merit: Peyton Zinyemba  Effort: Hannah Dinha
4C Merit: Mutsa Bwanya, Victoria Kuster  Effort: Anita Mbano, Aixin Wen
4T Merit: Faithful Masendeke, Zoe Karoro  Effort: Naomi Langeveldt, Ivainesu Kurotwi
4S Merit: Tahlia Chaparadza
5M Merit: Sonakshi Khatnani  Effort: Ruva Nhachi
5W Merit: Rudairo Watyoka  Effort: Zoe Mapesa
5C Merit: Lailah Mudge
6B Merit: Sarah Mukati  Effort: Matipa Magadzire
6H Merit: Kudzi Madondo, Ropafadzo Mushure  Effort: Khushi Manga, Zoe Musuka
7M Merit: Takunda Bawa, Valerie Nyakudya  Effort: Anesu Marapira, Simphiwe Nduna
7O Merit: Hailey Chimanikire  Effort: Samuela Chibaya

Class Captain & Vice Captain
3O Captain: Hania Mukati  Vice Captain: Nathania Dube
4C Captain: Camille Mhiko  Vice Captain: Aisha Mugwagwa
4T Captain: Unathi Mangwiro  Vice Captain: Munesu Makunike
5M Captain: Naima Gotore  Vice Captain: Ella Boka
5W Captain: Kayla Mufutumari  Vice Captain: Minana Mhishi
6H Captain: Tadiswa Mazike  Vice Captain: Tatenda Watyoka

Yours sincerely


R J Crook